Save Appalachian Power and AEP's energy efficiency programs!

West Virginia Public Service Commission

Appalachian Power and AEP's West Virginia energy efficiency programs are at risk!
These programs are critical to helping West Virginians take control of their energy bills.

Tell the WV Public Service Commission (PSC) to keep and expand AEP's energy efficiency programs!

Please personalize your petition with comments about why you believe energy efficiency programs will help West Virginia. Here are some suggestions of things you could talk about:

  • You have used Appalachian Power or AEP energy efficiency programs in West Virginia - you've gotten a free energy audit, you've bought an energy-efficient light bulb at a reduced price, or something else.
  • You want to build a more diverse economy in West Virginia and energy efficiency is a way to hire more people to make improvements on the state's buildings, funded by the building owners savings on utility bills.
  • You are concerned about having safe, healthy, comfortable homes, and want more West Virginians to be able to improve their homes.
  • You worry about low-income West Virginians who are struggling to make ends meet and energy efficiency programs can empower them to take control of their energy bills.
  • Some other ideas we didn't think of!


Every two years, Appalachian Power and Wheeling Power (AEP) submit to the PSC for new energy efficiency programs. Typically, EEWV pushes AEP to do more with its energy efficiency programs. This time, on March 31, 2017, they submitted for their 2018-19 programs and actually made a fairly large proposed increase. Though we had some suggestions, it was a fairly good proposal and we did not have many criticisms. We mostly were focused on supporting AEP in its goal to have stronger participation by industrial customers and giving more opportunities to contractors to make energy efficiency upgrades.

On September 15, 2017, the other parties in AEP's Energy Efficiency and Demand Response case submitted testimony. In a surprise move, the PSC staff submitted testimony from staff member Randy Short that recommended that AEP discontinue its energy efficiency programs. Staff based its proposal on calculations that did not adequately consider the benefits of energy efficiency programs, but over-valued the costs.

We need your help to protect energy efficiency in West Virginia!

Petition by
Emmett Pepper
Charleston, West Virginia

To: West Virginia Public Service Commission
From: Julie Archer

Re: PSC Case No. 17-0401

As an AEP customer in West Virginia, I support Appalachian Power and Wheeling Power energy efficiency programs. Energy efficiency and demand response programs can and will help me reduce the impact of electric rates that have gone up in recent years and will probably continue to go up. Please continue to improve and expand upon energy efficiency programs offered by West Virginia's utilities.