Sign the petition: Tell your state to leave the unreliable and racist Interstate Crosscheck program

State Election Authorities in states participating in Crosscheck

Across the country, states are pulling out of Kris Kobach’s dangerous Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck program. Your state could be next.

Kris Kobach, notorious “King of Voter Suppression,” claims that Crosscheck protects states from mass voter fraud by identifying people registered in multiple states. The truth is that Crosscheck’s flawed methods mistakenly flag millions of eligible voters, putting them at risk for disenfranchisement. Already in Virginia, Crosscheck led to a purge of tens of thousands of eligible voters right before the 2016 election -- a disproportionate number of whom were black and Hispanic voters.

Not only is Crosscheck unreliable and racially biased, it’s also weak on security. Most recently, the program exposed nearly 1,000 Kansans’ partial Social Security numbers. Crosscheck improperly handles its sensitive voter data, leading to a pattern of leaks.

These reliability and security concerns are why 23 states have opted to use Electronic Registration Information Center or ERIC instead. ERIC is a secure, well-designed alternative to Crosscheck as a program for voter roll maintenance.

Crosscheck puts millions of voters’ rights at risk across our country.

To: State Election Authorities in states participating in Crosscheck
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It is time to stop participating in the risky, racist Crosscheck program and start using ERIC instead. Our data and our rights are at risk.