Sign the petition to Biden: Keep your promise. Restore refugee resettlement

Biden administration

On April 16, the Biden administration announced that it will keep the historic low refugee admissions goal of 15,000 set by Trump, breaking promises of a robust refugee resettlement program and commitment to resettle refugees during FY2021.

Advocates, activists and folks like you rose up and demanded Biden keep his promises and raise that historically low number -- and he heard us!

On May 3rd, Biden announced he would increase the refugee cap to 62,500.

Now, we must keep the pressure on Biden to keep his promise to admit and welcome 62,500 refugees into our country. While the administration has committed to restoring regional allocation for refugee slots, the next step in repairing harms and trauma from the previous administration is to welcome more refugees to the United States.

Biden has set the goal, but now we must hold him accountable.

Refugees have suffered globally as a result of Trump’s xenophobic, hateful refugee ban and now the current administration is perpetuating harm to refugee communities. Many refugees were ready to travel to the United States with their medical and security checks finalized, and were given false hope as hundreds of flights were cancelled, many of whom will now have to wait months —or even years— to be reapproved for travel. This is harmful and unacceptable.

Communities have rallied and protested for the past four years to declare that immigrants and refugees are welcome here: it’s time for the Biden administration to uphold his promises.

Sign the petition: Join Daily Kos and our partners in urging the Biden administration to welcome 62,500 refugees in FY2021.

Participating Organizations:
Daily Kos
Oxfam America
Voice for Refuge Action Fund
African Communities Together
Arab American Civic Council
Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS)
Church World Service
Coalition on Human Needs
Crazy Eight PAC
Earth Action, Inc.
Florida Immigrant Coalition
International Refugee Assistance Project
Juggernaut Project
Latin America Working Group
Massachusetts Peace Action
National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
Progress America
Progressive Reform Network
The Six PAC
United Stateless
We Are All America
Women's Action for New Directions (WAND)

Supporting Organizations:
American Muslim Empowerment Network (AMEN)
Amnesty International USA
South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT)

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Refugees have suffered globally as a result of Trump’s xenophobic, hateful refugee ban. Don’t perpetuate these harms to refugee communities. You must keep your promise: increase the refugee admissions goal to 62,500 in FY2021 and welcome more refugees in our communities.