Stop Evictions for Meridian Mobile Estates Tenants, Reimburse the full value of their homes

Puyallup City Council & Timberlane Holdings

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To: Puyallup City Council & Timberlane Holdings
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The situation currently faced by the Puyallup city residents of the Meridian Mobile Estates is deeply unjust. The developer Timberlane Holdings is trying to turn this mobile home park, home to around 35 families, into upscale apartments rented at a price point none of the current residents would be able to afford. Many of the tenants own their mobile homes outright and have sunk thousands of dollars into making improvements and turning them into homes for their families. Despite this, since they do not own the land that the homes are parked on, and with these homes being virtually impossible to move due to both costs and regulations, the developers plan to bulldoze the entire park.

The assistance that the government has offered has been wholly insufficient; these tenants deserve nothing less than to be able to stay in their homes or receive the full value of their homes. They were given no say in the future of the land that many of them have lived on for decades. Instead of making changes at the whims of wealthy developers the Puyallup city council must listen to the will of the people and reserve the rezoning of the Meridian Mobile Estates.

We, the greater community, demand that our elected officials step in to put an end to this development. Failing that, we demand that tenants be reimbursed for the full value of their homes.