Stop the Sheridan Hollow Fracked Gas Power Plant

Governor Cuomo

Governor Cuomo has committed to "double down by investing in the fight against dirty fossil fuels and fracked gas" in his 2017 State of the State Address. So why is he committing to building a new fracked gas power plant in an Environmental Justice neighborhood to power the Empire State Plaza, the symbolic building of New York government? New York State should use our resources to solve the transition to renewable energy for a healthy climate, resilience and empowered communities. Not further burden people with 30 more years of polluting fossil fuels in our backyard.

To: Governor Cuomo
From: [Your Name]

New York State has proposed a 16 megawatt fracked-gas power plant in the Sheridan Hollow neighborhood of Albany to serve the Empire State Plaza (ESP) and other government buildings. The plant would burn fracked gas, which is known to cause serious health risks including respiratory and reproductive disorders, and cancer. It is inexcusable to expose the environmental justice neighborhood of Sheridan Hollow and adjacent downtown Albany to toxic pollution. There is no justification for building a new fossil fuel power plant as the climate crisis worsens especially when there are clean renewable energy options.

We, the undersigned, petition Governor Cuomo to make our Empire State Plaza micro-grid a national model for renewable energy. Please do not build a new fracked gas power power plant in the environmental justice community of Sheridan Hollow. New York State must lead in protecting our climate, and our most vulnerable citizens.