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Michigan Legislature and Governor Whitmer

Both nationally and locally, before and throughout the COVID pandemic, it has become abundantly apparent that long imprisonment is morally irresponsible. There are over 200,000 people in the United States serving life sentences. In Michigan, approximately 13,000 of our 35,000 incarcerated people are serving life or long sentences (over 15 years or more). Michigan ranks number four for most women serving life without parole.

  • There is no penological or social purpose to keep people in prison for longer than 20 years and we believe the research; people age out of crime. “Aging out of crime is a key reason why people who have been imprisoned for violent crimes—who generally serve longer sentences—are the least likely to recidivate when released from prison.” (Sentencing Project)
  • Long prison sentences are costly and unhealthy. The cost to incarcerate someone in Michigan is $38,000 per person per year. These costs are higher for elderly people who have served long sentences.
  • Keeping people locked up for a long time does not stop violence in our communities or deter crime. Even the Department of Justice observes that "More severe punishments do not 'chasten' individuals convicted of crimes, and prisons may exacerbate recidivism.

To: Michigan Legislature and Governor Whitmer
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​I support the #SecondLookMI campaign to give a second look to people who have aged out of crime. I recognize that long sentences don’t work to make our communities safer, waste taxpayer dollars, and actually do harm by separating families and damaging communities. I support efforts to allow people serving long sentences to have a second look review of their sentence, reform the parole board, and review sentencing guidelines.