I Support Stop & Shop Workers

Stop & Shop President Mark McGowan

Stop & Shop is asking hard-working employees to accept wage and benefit cuts that will negatively impact service inside stores.

Help us stop these cuts and support better jobs and grocery stores across New England.

To: Stop & Shop President Mark McGowan
From: [Your Name]

I stand with Stop & Shop employees as they fight for a better contract. Stop & Shop is proposing unreasonable and drastic cuts that will lead to less staff in stores, longer lines at registers, and hurt the well-being of my community.

The hard-working employees inside your stores are the key reason why your company has been successful. They have earned and deserve a contract that protects their health care coverage, retirement security, wages and most importantly, their ability to provide customers like me with exceptional service and a high-quality shopping experience.

Asking your most dedicated workers to accept cuts when the cost-of-living is increasing across New England is irresponsible and wrong. Please do the right thing and propose a contract that ensures your workers can continue to take care of themselves, their families, their customers and our community.