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What is the Green Future Act?

An Act Achieving a Green Future with Infrastructure & Workforce Investments’ (HB. 3292) is legislation in the Massachusetts State House that would charge companies that import fossil fuels into the Commonwealth and use the funds for state and local green initiatives.

Why do we need this?

Massachusetts is not doing enough to meet the climate goals it has set for itself in the Next Generation Roadmap Bill. In order to reach net-zero emissions by 2050, we need more investment in green infrastructure at the state and municipal level. The Green Future Act provides money for projects such as increasing affordability of heat pumps, weatherizing homes and businesses, electrifying school bus fleets, protecting green space, improving storage of wind and solar electricity, and expanding research and development for technological breakthroughs.

Here are four reasons to support this bill:

  1. It is projected to create 83,000 jobs by 2030 across the Commonwealth.

  2. It's designed to ensure that Massachusetts hits its climate emission targets. The amount of money raised and distributed through this policy is tied to the state's goals and can be adjusted as needed to ensure we hit our targets.

  3. It was written with a focus on equity. The bottom 40% of households will not be financially affected and environmental justice communities will receive the extra funding they need to improve their communities’ environmental health.

  4. It provides hundreds of millions in funding for municipal level projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and invest in climate resiliency.

What can I do?

By signing this petition, you are helping make the Commonwealth a leader in the fight against climate change.

Are you with us? Sign this petition and make your voice heard.

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