Supporting more affordable homes at SRI Parkline (Jan 2023)

Members of the Menlo Park Planning Commission

On Monday, January 23rd, the Menlo Park Planning Commission will study a significant housing proposal. You have an opportunity to shape the future of Menlo Park by making your voice heard. We encourage you to also add a personal note to this petition.

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Menlo Park, CA

To: Members of the Menlo Park Planning Commission
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We, and the residents listed below, believe that our city can and must build more homes across all levels of affordability, especially near transit and downtown services, for a variety of household sizes and for people of all abilities.

We are glad to see that the Parkline proposal has increased the number of homes to 550, including a much needed and appreciated 100 deeply affordable homes for people of all abilities. We are pleased that the EIR will study up to 600 homes, and hope that the plans will grow to include that number of homes. Thank you for these important changes to the proposal.

We encourage the city and the developer to do even more.

A sufficient and diverse housing supply is required for a sustainable, welcoming and thriving community. Additionally, state law requires that we meet our fair share of and affirmatively further fair housing by planning for affordable homes in high resource areas. The State will make sure that we achieve our goals - willingly and through our own planning, or unwillingly through by-right development.

To that end, we:

• Celebrate the plan to dedicate an acre of land within the development to be donated to a non-profit housing developer and developed to meet our most pressing needs: deeply affordable housing for families and people of all abilities.

• Support increasing the number of homes beyond 550, and increasing the inclusionary Below Market Rate (BMR) units from 15% to 20%. We encourage reimagining the proposal to produce 100s more homes on this once-in-many-generations opportunity site that is walking distance from downtown services, transit, recreation and schools.

• Support reducing the amount of parking to attract non-driving residents and reduce local traffic, and to leave more space for community-enhancing amenities.

No matter where you begin, success in life starts at home for all ages and all people. When we have safe, secure places to live, parents earn more, kids learn better, health and well-being improve, and our community is strengthened because it now has the building blocks needed to thrive.

Let’s take full advantage of the Parkline project to build a strong community of people and families of all incomes and abilities who thrive.

Thank you.