TAKE ACTION: Share Your Voice about the Moffett Park Specific Plan with Sunnyvale Leaders!

City of Sunnyvale Leaders

We need you to send a message to City of Sunnyvale leaders, urging them to adopt a Moffett Park Specific Plan that fully addresses the community's needs. Our community partner, Livable Sunnyvale, has identified the following areas in the Moffett Park Specific Plan that they feel are important to the successful evolution of Moffett Park:

  • Housing: Supporting the 20,000 new homes proposed by City Council.
  • Community Involvement: Including the community's voice by incorporating stakeholder input in major decisions that will implement the plan's strategies for infrastructure, transit connections, and community benefits agreements.
  • Transportation: Encouraging all modes of transportation to, from, and within Moffett Park are interconnected and safe for all community members of all abilities.
  • Retail: Incentivizing a wide variety of retail to meet basic needs of the future Moffett Park residents, such as, but not limited to grocery stores and pharmacies.

SV@Home is dedicated to supporting community partners in both affordable housing and adjacent, intersectional advocacy and organizing campaigns. The letter below was produced by Livable Sunnyvale using SV@Home's advocacy platform and will be sent to Sunnyvale leaders with your signature.

Click here to read the comment letter Livable Sunnyvale sent on the Draft Moffett Park Specific Plan to Sunnyvale leaders. Also, click here to visit the City of Sunnyvale's website on the Moffett Park Specific Plan, you can find the draft plan and sign-up for email updates.

Thank you for taking action to create a more robust Moffett Park Specific Plan. We just need a few more pieces of information to collect your signature so we can send your letter of support to Sunnyvale leaders.

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To: City of Sunnyvale Leaders
From: [Your Name]

Dear Mayor Klein and City of Sunnyvale City Council, Boards, and Commissions,

Transforming a 1,270 acre office park into housing, open space, retail and a destination for our entire community to gather is no easy feat. We are appreciative of the efforts made by past and present council, staff, commissioners and most importantly, community members who have shared their vision of Moffett Park. As the Moffett Park Specific Plan continues to evolve over the coming years, it is important not to lose sight of what we envision today while still being able to meet the changing needs of our community. To that end, we look to you to keep in mind a few basic tenets we feel are important to the successful evolution of Moffett Park.

Housing: Building enough units to create housing for all income levels is critical to keeping our community members housed. In addition, Sunnyvale’s job projection is expected to increase by 15% with most of the growth anticipated between 2030 and 2040. We cannot lose sight of this growth and the subsequent need this growth will create for additional housing. According to the Housing Element, Sunnyvale’s largest employment center is Moffett Park. We are in full support of the 20,000 new housing units as proposed by the council. We want to ensure these are built especially in light of the recent data presented regarding the jobs to housing ratio.

Community involvement: Our community must continue to have a voice as stakeholders to help frame and speak to the ongoing and changing needs of Moffett Park. The following areas, Collaborative Entity for Infrastructure, Transportation Management Authority and Community Benefits Guidelines and Contribution, will require community involvement as needed.

Transportation: Encourage all modes of transportation to, from and within Moffett Park are safe for all community members at all ability levels. Specifically, there needs to be a direct connection between Caltrain and Light Rail to facilitate alternative transportation use.

Retail: A variety of different types of retail to meet the needs of Moffett Park residents as well as residents throughout our city. It is especially important to ensure enough grocery stores and pharmacies are built to meet the needs of the residents who live in this area. Again, thank you for the work you have done.

Together, we can make Moffett Park a model for not only other cities in our county but the state as well.