Tell Amazon: hands off our democracy!

Jay Carney, SVP of Corporate Affairs, Amazon

At a time when the rich and large corporations are working overtime to buy elections, Amazon stands out for how much it is willing to spend to rig the rules in its favor.

This month the megacorporation, led by the world's wealthiest man, confirmed it was investing $1.5 million into Seattle’s city council election—a move many regard as an unprecedented attempt to buy the city council.

The scale of Amazon’s spending is extraordinary: Amazon has reportedly contributed more money to the Chamber of Commerce’s PAC than the candidates the Chamber opposes have raised collectively with their own campaigns. This unique level of investment raises troubling questions, as does Amazon's obvious interest in using this money to grow its empire at the expense of our communities, our neighbors, and our families.

Why is Amazon doing this? In 2018, the Seattle City Council passed a bill to tax large corporations to fund housing and homeless services made necessary in part by Amazon driving up gentrification and displacement. Amazon used its position as one of the largest employers in Seattle to bully the Council into repealing the bill. Now the company is using its outsized resources yet again to try to overwhelm the voice of Seattleites with its millions.

This isn't just about Seattle. If Amazon succeeds in its hostile takeover, they may use the same tactics in your city and your state.

It's time to tell Amazon: hands off our democracy!

To: Jay Carney, SVP of Corporate Affairs, Amazon
From: [Your Name]

We demand Amazon stop using its outsized power and resources to undermine democracy in Seattle and all over the country. We are in solidarity with Seattleites seeking a fair election and oppose Amazon’s efforts to buy off candidates at the local, state, or federal level.

You can’t have a monopoly on democratic government!