Tell Portillo's ENOUGH with the Styrofoam

Portillo's Restaurants

Styrofoam is contaminating the environment and affecting our health. When thrown away as trash, it cannot biodegrade or break down, remaining in the environment for thousands of years.

It affects animals in the wild, with broken down bits obstructing their airways and contaminating their food sources. The EPA warns Styrofoam is a possible human carcinogen.

We cannot keep producing plastic products, such as Styrofoam, that we use for a few minutes but which never go away.

Towns and states across the country have already banned these containers. Help us persuade our restaurants that being responsible to the environment is also good business.

We're asking Portillo's, as one of our most popular local food chains, to become a model of good environmental citizenship and quit using Styrofoam containers.

Petition by
Emily Murphy
Chicago, Illinois
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To: Portillo's Restaurants
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As customers of your restaurants and concerned citizens, we urge you to stop using Styrofoam products. Styrofoam is not recyclable and extremely harmful to the surrounding environment. We love our lake and waterways here in Chicago and hate to see these become polluted with your products. Please consider switching to more eco-friendly packaging. We want a better planet-today and for generations to come.