Department of Education: Cancel Student Debt for ALL Borrowers Now

Department of Education

To: Department of Education
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We call on the Department of Education to cancel student loan debt for all borrowers immediately -- no matter their loan type. We applaud the Biden Administration's efforts to protect the debt cancellation in court and we urge them to extend the program to provide relief to everyone.

The Department of Education announced in September that federal student loans held by banks and private companies under Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP Loans) are now excluded from debt cancellation. This means that millions of borrowers, by no fault of their own, are excluded from up to $20,000 in debt cancellation.

This unexpected turn of events means that massive student loan companies will continue to profit obscene sums of money off the backs of borrowers. Additionally many of these same individuals were left out of the COVID-19 payment pause.

We demand that the Department of Education cancel student debt for all borrowers as soon as they are able to. Americans have stood together with borrowers of all circumstances, of all loan types, and of all ages. Now we come together again to demand immediate relief for all borrowers.