Tell the REI Board: Stop union busting & bargain a fair contract!

Recreational Equipment, Inc.

Tell the REI Board: Stop union busting & bargain a fair contract Image

REI’s Anniversary Sale starts on May 17th, and it’s their biggest sale of the year. We want to make a big impression on REI’s Board of Directors during this sale, as REI has been union busting for years and they need to know that Co-op members and shoppers across the country won’t stand for this behavior.

Please sign our petition and demand that REI Leadership negotiate a contract in good faith by the end of this year. By adding your name below, you show solidarity for REI workers across the country and let the Co-op know you won’t settle for their refusal to bargain.

We’re asking for your signature because enough is enough. We’ve been fighting for years to reach a first contract, and the company won’t meet us halfway. We even brought the bargaining table right to REI’s doorstep to make negotiations easy - but leadership never took their seat.

How wrong is it that we’ve gotten to this point? REI claims they’re a progressive employer that “starts from a place of respect” and believes we can “go further together.” Yet, they fight against our collective voice at every turn and refuse to hear our ideas for a more equitable Co-op.

The more names we add to our petition during this year’s Anniversary Sale, the more we ensure that REI’s leadership hears our demands. If we show the Board that thousands of customers and Co-op members value a unionized workforce, REI will have no choice but to do the right thing and meet us at the bargaining table.

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To: Recreational Equipment, Inc.
From: [Your Name]

I am calling on the REI Board of Directors to stop union busting and negotiate a fair contract by the end of the year. Workers at union stores pour their hearts and souls into the Co-op, and they deserve a fair deal for all the value they bring to the in-store experience.

I’m incredibly disappointed to learn about your union-busting behavior. Fighting against the growing union movement is a betrayal of your stated values: “going further together” and “courageously embracing change.”

I believe that REI is moving firmly in the wrong direction by engaging in such aggressive union busting. Your union workers are dedicated to outfitting us for our next adventure, and they’re only trying to make REI a better place to work. I believe their dedication and expertise deserve respect in the form of a strong union contract.

As a Co-op member, I cannot stand by and watch this company turn its back on the values that keep me and my fellow members coming back. I hope you will take our plea seriously and come bargain a deal with your workers. Thank you.