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Scott Walker

The Wisconsin State Assembly just passed a reckless “right to work” legislation that will drive down our wages and weaken safety standards. Gov. Walker plans to sign this bill in the coming days.

Send an email to Gov. Walker now and tell him not to sign the right to work bill.

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Washington, DC

To: Scott Walker
From: [Your Name]

I’m writing you to ask you not to sign the “right to work” bill recently passed by the state legislature.

Right to work is the wrong priority for Wisconsin. It does not create jobs, but it will cut wages and benefits, decrease safety standards and weaken the middle class. In a time when wages are stagnant and good jobs are hard to find, right to work is not the policy Wisconsin lawmakers need to advance.

You even admitted that right to work was a distraction and something that shouldn’t be on the legislative agenda. Given all of these reasons, I’m asking you not to sign the right to work bill and letting you know that I won’t be voting for any politician who supported it.