What is Action Builder?

Action Builder is an organizing toolset. In the age of mass mobilizations, Action Builder is focused on deepening one-on-one relationships and building leaders. Get more detail about Action Builder's 8 core features, here.

Action Builder Case Studies

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How IUPAT used Action Builder to win victories for working families in 2020

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How can I get my team/organization to support adopting Action Builder for my relational organizing program?

Check out a handy template below:

Subject line: Considering Action Builder for Our Team.

Hi there,

I'm checking out a new relational organizing toolset from the makers of Action Network, it's called Action Builder. One of the main reasons I'm interested in potentially incorporating this toolset into our program is that it's made for and with organizers.

I also like that Action Builder is nonprofit and only works with organizers and campaigners in the progressive movement. As far as our work in the field, that's really what the Action Builder toolset is made for. It's completely mobile friendly, so we can view and access information on our phones from a doorstep, car, worksite or caucus location.

Plus, the toolset was designed so that anyone (no tech skills needed) can quickly find what they need to find, enter information that they’ll want later and do it with the least time and effort possible. I think this would work well for our volunteer staff! From a program sustainability standpoint, Action Builder could support us by:

  • Assisting us in identifying community members who are ready to get active and easily map their relationships
  • Move us from pen and paper to an impactful, powerful, easy to use, and secure toolset optimized for mobile devices and that offers real-time data
  • Allow us to spend more time developing volunteers into leaders, helping people grow their strengths and expand their reach to their friends, neighbors and coworkers
  • Cost is $80/month for admins and free for all activists accounts (e.g. volunteers in the field)

Those are a few reasons I'm interested in Action Builder for our team. I'd like to get your thoughts and perhaps schedule us a demo to learn more together. Does this sound good to you?

In Solidarity,

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What is Action Builder's "collaborative approach" to developing software for and with organizers?

Our collaborative approach to design means our partners steer the future of how the tool functions moving forward. Through this collaboration, we are able to rely on expert insight and input from people working in the field, and the organizations that back them. As progressives, we believe that our movement’s tools should be cooperatively owned by the people who rely on them the most — organizers and campaigners in the progressive movement.

We are able to sustain this model through a formal structure that covers a portion of our development costs, and gives our partners power to decide what we build. They raise and review any ideas our users might have, approve their addition to the development calendar, review designs, and test features all before they launch. At Action Builder, we believe our work shouldn’t just be informed by users but grounded in mutual respect and shared ownership.

We’ve been particularly grateful for the insight and support of our partners at the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) as we’ve developed and continue to refine this process. Just as the very first cooperative design project involved a labor union, both our existing digital toolset. To learn more about the Action Builder Partner Table, email us.

How can I incorporate an Action Builder Demo into my next staff meeting?

One way to gain an even greater understanding of how Action Builder supports relational organizing efforts is to participate in a demo. We have found that organizing teams find it beneficial to join in a group setting so they get a chance to learn together. In this format, folks are able to share their thoughts collectively and the team can start thinking about Action Builder in the context of your program.

Action Builder demos are held weekly, every Tuesday, starting at 3:00 pm Eastern Time and typically run 30-45 minutes. The demo will provide you with an interactive overview of the toolset. It's a virtual meeting held on the Zoom video conferencing platform. Someone representing your organization will need to register in order to hold your spot. If your team is distributed (remote), each person will need to register in order to attend.

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