Warehouse Workers Stand Up to Walmart

Workers who move Walmart's goods work in appalling conditions and Walmart refuses to do anything about it. Join them in standing up and demanding a change.
Walmart is the world’s largest private company and its practices indirectly and directly affect the lives of millions of people. It pioneers practices of squeezing workers and contractors that degrade the quality of jobs and, because of its size, these poor standards become the industry standard.

Walmart is hiding behind subcontractors and other practices to try to get away from paying a fair wage to the workers who process their goods in warehouses and in factories abroad.

Warehouse workers are forging partnerships with workers throughout Walmart's massive global supply chain to improve working conditions and end illegal abuses. These kinds of practices hurt us all, and courageous workers are standing together with the Warehouse Workers United and demanding to be heard. Stand with them.
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Riverside, CA