#1YearAfterMaria: We Take Action

On September 20th 2017, Hurricane Maria tore through communities in Puerto Rico devastating the Island. Red tape and willful neglect by the federal government have blocked an adequate relief response. Many people have died due to the government dysfunction and corruption.

Out of this crisis, a new Puerto Rico, led by Puerto Ricans, is rising, and we have an opportunity to raise awareness and support among Puerto Ricans in the diaspora, and our family and friends in the states, to support that process.

On September 20th, 2018, #1YearAfterMaria, let’s remember and pay tribute to those we have lost as a result of the storm with a unified visual display of solidarity with Puerto Rico. Let's also make a commitment to fight for the dignity of those living in the island and those who were forced to flee to the states by lifting up their demands and taking action.

We ask all of our partners and affiliates to host a vigil in your city to show solidarity that extends throughout our country.

Here’s how you can join:

  1. Host a vigil in your community
  2. Register your action, or find an action in your city on our website: Link Coming Soon!
  3. Use the hashtag #1YearAfterMaria on all social media posts

*Images, messaging, and call to actions will all be on the website in the coming soon.

For more info: JGonzalez@PopularDemocracy.org
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