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  • Lissa Willis

    SO bummed! I can't make it to the Climate Strike because the Prius won't start! Oh, the irony....

  • Johnny Cruzen

    I am an Environmental Scientist, and I will bring some copies of a handout I often refer to. No doubt I will know most of the kids at the event, since I substitute teach in the district, specifically so that I can spread the awareness...
    See you all there,
    Johnny Cruzen.

  • john payne

    This is Haya's response to a recent email I sent her:

    Hello John!

    This is a gathering, we will not be walking to another location. This will be more like a protest. There are no speakers scheduled, but I encourage people to shout out a chant or a chime. 3:50 is the target time for the protest to end, and yes homemade signs/posters are encouraged. The city of Fremont has granted a permit for this gathering. That is all there is to cover, bring water since we will be using our voices a lot. I will be bringing extra posters if anyone decides they want to hold up one. I hope this helps!

    - Haya Irfan

  • Ganesh Balamitran

    No specifics yet. Should we march down Fremont Blvd towards City Hall ? About 2.5 miles ?

  • john payne

    Also awaiting the specifics that Ganesh describes in his question, which I assume will come in due time.

  • Ganesh Balamitran


    What is the specific plan for Friday Sep 20th at Fremont ?

    For example, at the San Jose Strike, the published plan is -

    "Our strike begins with a march from Diridon Station near downtown San Jose to the San Jose City Hall. Bring signs, posters, and other props to demonstrate your call for climate justice! We will begin marching to the city hall at about 2:45pm. Once everyone reaches the city hall plaza, there will be a rally with a variety of speakers, cheers, and you are welcome to bring your own food. The strike will end at around 5pm."

Global Warming Strike

Start: Friday, September 20, 2019 3:30 PM

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