Artists Unite for a Green New Deal — Call #1 Recap Bundle

Whether or not you were able to join the call in real-time, you can access the "Artists Unite for a Green New Deal — Call #1 Recap Bundle." Just sign up here and we'll send you an email with links to:

  • The call recording (both video and audio). Video version includes captions.
  • Speaker's presentations, including the Briefing Document from the USDAC's Bureau of Energy, Power, and Art!
  • A graphic doodle documenting the call.


Thursday, August 8th — 8PM EST / 5PM PST

How do healthcare and jobs help fight climate change? How does addressing climate change upend inequality and deliver justice in our time? The Green New Deal is a proposal for a decade of legislation that takes on many of the interlocking crisis of our time. It’s ambitious and complicated—but as artists it’s our job to see and help activate its inspirational potential.

On this call we’ll de-wonkify some of the policy concepts of a Green New Deal and celebrate our role as artists to find the poetry in the policy. How can we help our communities see the artistry amidst all the details, and invite the public to dream and fight for the policies that deliver climate justice for all?

Guest Presenters:

  • Pablo Akira Beimer, Climate Reality Project

  • Priya Mulgaonkar, New York City Environmental Justice Alliance

  • Rajiv Sicora, The Leap