Join the DSA Immigrants' Rights Working Group

Thank you for your interest in the Immigrants’ Rights Working Group of the Democratic Socialists of America. As socialists, we stand in solidarity with all immigrants and refugees in the struggle against capitalist exploitation. Borders are inherently violent: they define strict and artificial rules for the occupation and mobility of people, who are often displaced by various economic, social, and environmental pressures, including war and other forms of violence.

Many come to the United States as refugees or economic migrants because capitalism and U.S. imperialism create and sustain cycles of poverty, ecological collapse, and violence. Historically, the United States has been responsible for the destabilization of not only Mexico and Central America, but also all of South America. It is not a crime to seek refugee status upon crossing the border to the U.S., however those who have applied have been treated like criminals when they try to utilize the resources allowed to them and have been denied despite the violence they face upon deportation.

The current immigration system exists to sustain global material exploitation. Immigration law in the United States is crafted around white nationalist, colonial state-building projects, and its enforcement is guided by capitalist concerns.