Join the DSA Immigrants' Rights Working Group

Thank you for your interest in the Immigrants’ Rights Working Group of Democratic Socialists of America.

DSA reaffirm our position that no human being is illegal and that all people are welcome in our organization on an equal basis regardless of immigration or citizenship status.

DSA makes defense of immigrant and refugee rights a national priority, spearheaded by the Immigrants’ Rights Working Group, organizing for the full liberation of peoples impacted by mass displacement, forced migration, and oppression.

As democratic socialists, we recognize that migrants experience the most damning and direct crimes of the neoliberal capitalist system. Militarized borders, xenophobic/racist immigration laws, and an abusive prison industrial complex aim to dehumanize and marginalize immigrants, functioning to both suppress wages and divide the working class. We seek to abolish these and any barrier to the social, labor, and political power of migrants through our organized movement.

Democratic Socialists of America demand:

  1. Abolition of ICE and the end to the persecution, jailing, and deportation of immigrants.
  2. Aid to those fleeing from violence, political and economic turmoil, imperialism, colonialism, as well as global warming-induced climate change instead of barring refugees at our borders and jailing those who arrive.
  3. Full labor rights for all those who work within the country and the integration of the labor movement with those who struggle for immigrant rights.
  4. Elimination of H-2 A, “guest worker” type programs.
  5. A firm and unequivocal stance in favor of immigrants and refugees.