Sign the petition to Wall Street & President Biden: Defund Climate Chaos

The most important climate talks since the Paris Agreement will begin in Glasgow, Scotland on November 1st, 2021. The outcomes of these negotiations — including public and private sector commitments — will go a long way to determining our ability to combat the climate crisis. That’s why we’re launching a new campaign: Deadline Glasgow - Defund Climate Chaos.

In the past twelve months, many financial institutions ― from banks to insurance companies; asset managers to pension funds ― have made new climate commitments, such as “net-zero” emissions by 2050. Yet, at the same time they are providing loans, insurance and billions in investment capital, to corporations expanding the fossil fuel industry and deforesting the Amazon and other tropical forests ― companies that are guilty of human rights abuses and violations of Indigenous sovereignty.

Major new fossil fuel projects, such as Line 3, the TransMountain pipeline, the Formosa plastics plant, and major deforestation projects, could not get off the ground without the support of the financial sector and the US government.

So we’re calling on all financial institutions & the US government to end their support for companies engaged in climate destruction and human rights abuses by the start of the Glasgow Climate Talks.

Sign the petition and join the campaign: In order to take climate change seriously, we cannot continue to accept empty promises. Stop funding climate change NOW!

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