NAB – Stop attacking our conditions of employment!

To: Ross McEwan

NAB have entered the latest round of negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement and their first move has been to try to remove Group 5, 6 & 7 employees from being covered by a new Agreement. This is the first time in the history of Enterprise Agreements at NAB that coverage has been attacked. This has us wondering – why?

If NAB are prepared to undermine their most senior employees’ conditions, how far do they plan to erode the workplace rights of all other staff?

Why does NAB want to remove from ANY employees the certainty of conditions such as:

  • Our fundamental right to have a say over our conditions of employment;
  • Our Redeployment, Redundancy and Retrenchment rights;
  • Our protections around unfair dismissal; and
  • Our capacity to stand with all our team members as one workforce.

NAB have said they want feedback and want to listen. It’s time to say we won’t accept undermining of workplace conditions; we are happy to confirm with you that

‘We the undersigned want all NAB employees to be covered by any new Enterprise Agreement. We call on NAB to issue a NERR to Group 6 & 7 employees, and immediately drop their claim to negotiate Group 5, 6 & 7 employees out of any new Agreement.”  

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