Fatima For Assembly 2020

Fatima Iqbal-Zubair is running for California State Assembly in District 64. She is an educator, community advocate, immigrant, and mother who is fighting to bring empathy and accountability to Sacramento. As a public school teacher in Watts, Fatima saw the ways structural inequity impacted her students. Her students’ struggles motivated her to want to do more. She became a community organizer and found ways to bring resources to her school, but she felt frustrated by the way local politicians consistently valued special interests over local voices. Fatima is seeking to change that. She is passionate about creating a government that actively listens and responds to community voices - not special interests - and is championing progressive policies that will bring meaningful, systemic change to California.

Fatima is fighting for the progressive policies California needs to advance racial, economic, and social justice for all. She is actively collaborating with community members to design policies that represent the district’s top priorities.

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