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Action Network is a digital campaigning tool designed to complement your local campaigning and raise the profile of your group. On this page you'll find video tutorials and guides to help you manage your group's account. If you need help please contact

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New to Action Network?

If you're new to Action Network head to this page to find out what it can offer your group.
Watch this video to see the different things you can use Action Network for.

Managing your group account

We'll create an Action Network account for your group and invite you join it. Please watch these short video tutorials as a first step.

  1. Getting started with Action Network – creating a login and getting set up
  2. Managing your group's account – how to find your content and navigate the menus
  3. Giving other people access to the account

The Get started guide (pdf) also shows you how to set up and manage your account.

Managing your content

The videos below show how to manage the content you create in Action Network.


Ready to start a digital petition? Then here's how to get create one.

Ready to hand your petition in? There are two ways:

Letter Campaigns

Unlike petitions, Letter Campaigns result in emails being sent whenever anyone takes action with you. The video tutorials below show how to create one. If you want to target your elected representatives (councillors, MPs, Assembly Members) please get in touch.

  1. Create a Letter Campaign
  2. Create a Custom Target
  3. Upload your Custom Target
  4. Apply your Custom Target

There's also a written guide; Create a Letter Campaign (pdf)

Applying different template messages to different targets - Need the targets of your Letter Campaigns to get different messages? Here's how to do it.


You can use Action Network to create both free events and ones where people have to pay to get in.

For a free event, here's how to get started.

For a paid event, check out Action Network's guide on Ticketed events, which includes information on setting up an account with the payment provider Stripe.


Use Action Network to create data collection forms . For example, you might want a page where people can make a pledge, fill in a survey or sign up to join your email list.

Sending emails

Sending emails is a 3 stage process, with options for how you design the email. Please spend some time looking at how the Drag and Drop design tool works, it will help you create much more engaging and attractive looking emails.

Video tutorials

  1. Getting started (2mins)
  2. Stage 1: Creating your email with the Drag & Drop designer (5 mins)
  3. Stage 1: Creating your email with the Visual/HTML designer (5 mins)
  4. Stage 2: Targeting your email (8 mins)
  5. Stage 3: Previewing and sending your email (3 mins)

Written guide - Sending an email (pdf)

Additional video tutorials for emails

Create a welcome email

Why not spend a few minutes setting up a welcome email? That way anyone who signs up to your list gets to find out about your group without having to wait for you to send your next email. They're really easy to set up and can make all the difference in making people feel welcomed.

Managing your email list

When people take action with you they can also join your email list. Action Network will do most of the work for, in line with the UK's data regulations. The videos below show how to manage your list if you need to.

Further reading

Understanding how to use Action Network is only one half of the equation. The other half is the words you use in your petition or email. The resources below are designed to help you inspire people to take action.

We offer a variety of digital training throughout the year. Contact us on to discuss upcoming opportunities.

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