Indivisible Florida Network

Indivisible Florida Network

Who We Are, What We Do

The Indivisible Florida Network brings together 17 local Indivisible and other resistance groups. Our groups all formed after the 2016 elections by passionate citizens concerned about the direction of our country. Group members – Democrats, Republicans and independents (NPA's) – are currently focused on denying President Trump a second term.

In addition to electoral work, local groups also work to hold our elected officials accountable and protect threatened government programs, such as health care, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. Groups support civil rights, a clean environment and gun safety, as well as political, economic and social justice.

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Please note, we are not affiliated with Indivisible National. While we share many values, we organize as our own Indivisible Florida Network. Some groups may still organize with Indivisible National on an individual basis.

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