Swing Left Peninsula

About Us

Call us activists or call us neighbors. We're Swing Left Peninsula, a group of San Francisco Peninsula residents supporting Swing Left National's goal of finding impactful things to do to help Democrats win key elections in California and nationwide.

We have a simple structure. Our core leadership team comprises volunteers (students, professionals, and retirees) who focus on organizing events, recruiting supporters and getting the word out. Our growing network of supporters donate their time and energy to reach out to voters with us, donate to our fundraisers, and serve in specific volunteer roles.

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Join our group if you want to be alerted to upcoming actions as well as receive updates about our work. We'll send you email alerting you to upcoming events, inviting you to our critical outreach efforts, and asking for financial support for candidates and for get-out-the-vote efforts (all of our internal costs are covered by our leadership team - we raise money for candidates and we promote critical fundraisers that support getting the vote out). Add your name through this link or send an email to join@swingleftpeninsula.org to be added to our list (please include your city, state, and zip. We'd love to have your phone number as well, which we'll use rarely).

Our Actions

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