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XR Inner West is a Sydney local group of the international Extinction Rebellion movement

The Inner West

The Inner West of Sydney is the area immediately west of Sydney's CBD, bounded by the southern shore of Port Jackson (Parramatta River) in the north, the shore of the Cooks River in the south and Homebush Bay Drive/Centenary Drive in the West. There are over 50 suburbs in the Inner West including Ashfield, Balmain, Canterbury, Glebe, Marrickville, Newtown and Strathfield. The traditional Aboriginal owners of the lands of the Inner West are the Gadigal and Wangal peoples of the Eora nation.

As a local group of the Extinction Rebellion movement, we aim to disrupt business as usual and to bring pressure onto the government to act on the climate and ecological emergency. Please join us.

XR Inner West Local Group

Due to the increasing numbers of COVID infections in Sydney, the decision has been taken to cancel tonight's Inner West Local Group meeting at the AB Hotel in Glebe.

Have a great New Year and we will see you when our regular meetings resume in 2022.

Inner Western Sydney End of Year Get Together

Seed SpacesNow that our lockdown is over and the virus seems to be under control, Extinction Rebellion Inner West is looking forward to a new year in which we apply greater pressure to our corporations and policy-makers to act on the climate crisis with urgency.

Our regular meetings at Seed Spaces, at Glebe, have ended for the year, however, we will be finishing up the year with a social get together at the AB Hotel on the corner of Glebe Point Road and Bridge Road (just up the road from Seed Spaces, see our invite above) from 4pm on the Tuesday after Christmas, 28th December.

It's been a foul couple of years but, after a bit of a break, XR Inner West is going to be reorganising in the New Year with new working groups with the need for more organisers. If you think you have the energy to for helping us organise our local group get in contact at the email address below.

Climate Action Show Podcast with Vivien Langford

XR Inner West Arts Working Group Arts Workshop

The next XR Inner West Arts Workshop is being planned for soon after we come out of lockdown. For information or email xrinnerwestarts@protonmail.com or check out our Facebook page.

Global Newsletter No. 53

XR Inner West Graphic Design Sub

So you think you're a decent graphic designer? Well, do you? Punk!

We have a great graphic design team at XR Inner West but we can always do with more. So if you feel up to it get in contact at the email below.

Our graphic design team is a sub group of XR Inner West's Arts Working Group and is a human resource that produces a lot of the digital and printed art used by Extinction Rebellion in Sydney, Australia and around the world. The XR Inner West Graphic Design Sub can design and print leaflets and booklets for Extinction Rebellion actions and help other local groups that would like to develop pages or newsletters just like this. We'll be meeting in Newtown soon, so if you would like to get in touch contact us by email at xrinnerwestarts@protonmail.com

Inner West Leaflet Archive
The Graphic Design Sub maintains an archive of previously used leaflets, flyers, pamphlets, etc. which are accessible to all Rebels and can be downloaded in PDF format for reprinting. Most of the documents are formatted for easy reproduction on black and white photocopiers and where a document is produced in colour, there is often a mono version stored immediately below it in the archive. Should you want amendments made to a document contact the Graphic Design Sub to make a request for new art.

Social media
Presently the Graphic Design team maintains our social media accounts but we could do with help in maintaining and administering our accounts as they are often the first point of contact for many Rebels. If you would like to help us with our social media, web presence and maintaining pages such as this (we're particularly looking for people with HTML coding experience) come along to our next meeting. Help us to reach more people.

"It is difficult to characterise in a single phrase the devastation that the plausible evidence presented in this proceeding forecasts for the children. As Australian adults know their country, Australia will be lost, and the world as we know it gone as well. The physical environment will be harsher, far more extreme and devastatingly brutal when angry.

"As for the human experience – quality of life, opportunities to partake in nature’s treasures, the capacity to grow and prosper – all will be greatly diminished. Lives will be cut short. Trauma will be far more common and good health harder to hold and maintain.

"None of this will be the fault of nature itself. It will largely be inflicted by the inaction of this generation of adults in what might fairly be described as the greatest inter-generational injustice ever inflicted by one generation of humans upon the next.

"To say that the children are vulnerable is to understate their predicament."

How Universities Have Betrayed Reason and Humanity – And What's to Be Done About It
Hon. Justice Mordecai Bromberg

Extinction Rebellion Podcast

Discobedience 15 December Sydney

XR Inner West Latest Instagram Post

Well that's OK – there are Extinction Rebellion Local Groups all over Australia

Extinction Rebellion has local groups in all Australian state capitals and in many regional areas too. You can use the Extinction Rebellion Local Group location page to find a group near you or you can get a group of friends together and start your own (that's what we did).

Sign up for our newsletter by going to https://ausrebellion.earth/join-the-rebellion. Download the Australian Rebel Starter Pack.

If you are still not sure where to start or how to get involved contact your state welcoming team on the following email addresses.

New South Wales - xrnsw_welcoming@protonmail.com
Victoria - XRMelbintegration@protonmail.com
Queensland - xr.qldwelcome@protonmail.com
Western Australia - xrwa@protonmail.com
South Australia - XRSA_Outreach_Integration@protonmail.com
Tasmania - XRTASadmin@protonmail.com
Australian Capital Territory - xr-act-admin@protonmail.com
Northern Territory - XRAlice@protonmail.com

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This Update is emailed to XR members living in the Inner West of Sydney. Don't live in the Inner West but would like to receive this update?  Email us.

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We are always looking for Inner West Rebels to help us with our organisation, our communications and our social media, so if you are interested get in touch at one of the contacts below.

Extinction Rebellion Inner West: xrinnerwest@protonmail.com

Inner West Arts Working Group: xrinnerwestarts@protonmail.com

Sydney's Pedal Rebels: pedal_rebels@protonmail.com

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