Wangan & Jagalingou Nagana Yarrbayn Cultural Custodians

For the W&J First Nation to be strong and grounded in our rights we must continue to live and practice in direct connection to Country, culture and law.

It is the responsibility of the W&J Nagana Yarrbayn Cultural Custodians to sustain our group’s connection to, and presence on Country to maintain ongoing cultural custodianship of the land and waters, especially our sacred Doongmabulla Springs.

We are a self-determined group of Traditional Owners who maintain permanent presence on country to care for our lands and waters. Our role includes monitoring damage and destruction on our Country and holding those who harm our lands and waters to account.

We will expose and prosecute environmental and cultural heritage breaches under State and Commonwealth laws wherever we find them.

Our role as cultural custodians derives from our laws and customs and our specific relationship to our Ancestor Dreaming.

The W&J Nagana Yarrbayn Cultural Custodians are leading the way in the protection of Wangan and Jagalingou Country. We are resisting the exploitation of our natural and cultural resources to prevent the destruction of our cultural heritage and the impairment of our identity as a First Nation.

Our Actions

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