SF Needs an Open Democratic Process for Next Mayor


San Franciscans deserve Democracy, Fairness, and Transparency in the process of determining our Interim Mayor. Demand that the Board of Supervisors appoint a “caretaker” Interim Mayor who will not run in June 2018.

The past decade of city policies has created a corrosive and unsustainable crisis of inequality and unaffordability, displacing lower and middle income families, immigrants, communities of color, and artists, who, together, make up the backbone of our city’s workforce, as well as its cultural vibrancy. We need dramatic changes in how we run our city.

As San Francisco moves forward from the tragedy of Mayor Lee's untimely death, the Board of Supervisors must appoint an Interim Mayor through an open, transparent and democratic process. If the Acting Mayor or the appointed Interim Mayor runs for election in June 2018, s/he will have the power of incumbency, an unfair advantage as shown historically. Our city’s next Mayor must be elected by the voters of San Francisco, NOT selected by 10 or 11 people in City Hall who have their thumbs on the scale.

Since the next Board of Supervisors Meeting is January 9, coinciding with the deadline to file for a Mayoral candidacy at 5pm that same day, a vote for our “caretaker” Interim must occur after January 9, but also must not be delayed indefinitely.

Join the SF Progressive Alliance in asking the Board of Supervisors, on January 9, to schedule a special hearing for appointing San Francisco’s “caretaker” Interim Mayor, which must take place ASAP in the subsequent days.

Our city's future is at stake.

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