Test to Treat Program for COVID and Flu Saves Lives. Let’s fight for it.

Home Test to Treat Kit for COVID-19 & Flu

It’s simply reckless to let the virus go unconstrained by cutting isolation and discouraging testing by shutting down life-saving programs. First the free home COVID-19 test program suspended March 8. Now, on April 16, our government is ending the Home Test to Treat COVID program that targeted the at-risk populations.

This wonderful program provides people who are uninsured or have Medicaid, Medicare, or Indian Health Service or VA coverage with FREE tests, telehealth and treatment for COVID and flu.

Enrollees are initially mailed at-home rapid tests for both COVID and flu (LUCIRA® by Pfizer COVID-19 & Flu Home Test), and they can receive antiviral treatments if eligible.

In addition, anyone in the US testing positive might be able to get free treatment! If sick, regardless of your insurance, you could get free telehealth care and at-home treatment for COVID or flu. As long as you test positive, you can receive care. BUT IT ALL ENDS April 16!

Join us to write to government officials to rescue this life-saving program! Instead of ending it, the Biden Administration should expand it!

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