Ask Your Candidates: Will You Fight For Our Democracy?

Candidates for U.S. Congress

Democracy is on the ballot in 2018 -- and the stakes couldn’t be higher with unprecedented levels of big special interest money in politics, voter suppression and more.

But imagine we have a Congress that fights voter suppression and helps every eligible American vote. A Congress that stops the corporate takeover of our democracy and makes sure we all have a voice. A Congress that finally fulfills its constitutional duty to hold Donald Trump accountable.

The time to demand this much-needed change is now -- when candidates are paying the most attention. We’ve asked every candidate for Congress to go on the record about proven, popular, and effective democracy reforms -- over 250 have already responded, but we need more.

It is the voice of voters like you that will get these candidates on the record. Please join us in calling on every candidate for Congress to:

Reduce Money’s Influence so that everyday Americans like you and me -- not just wealthy special interests -- have the power in our elections.

Expand Voting Rights & Election Integrity so every eligible citizen can vote and have that vote count.

Create Ethical & Open Government to hold elected officials to the highest possible standards.

Ensure Fair Districts & Reflective Democracy so that our democracy represents the full diversity of our communities.

Promote Free Speech & Accountability in Media so people like you and me can get engaged, informed, and active in our democracy.

This is an agenda worth fighting for -- and every candidate for office in 2018 should get behind it. Add your name to call on next year’s Congress to fight for our democracy -- then look up the candidates running in your district to see if they’ve gone on the record.

This campaign is sponsored by:
Common Cause
American Family Voices
Arab American Institute
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Blue Future
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Equal Justice Society
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MAYDAY America
National LGBTQ Task Force
Participatory Politics Foundation
People for the American Way
Progress America
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Voters deserve to know if you will fight for a better democracy. Please pledge to voters that you will work for a democracy that represents all of us.