Black Friday 2015 - Walmart workers #Fastfor15


Please sign up to do a petition delivery or to attend an event on Black Friday to the right.

To do a petition delivery the process is very simple:

1. Find a local Walmart by entering your zip code in the box "postal code" on the right of this page. You will see a list of local Walmarts under the heading "Want To Host Your Own Event?" Let us know which Walmart you are going by clicking the button next to the store you are going to that says "HOST THIS EVENT" and filling out the simple information about your petition delivery.

2. Download the Petition and Print it out right here.

3. Deliver the petition to the Walmart Store manager on Black Friday (Except in Arkansas, Florida, Texas, Colorado, Ohio, Maryland or California – see more details below)

4. Post on social media "I stood with Walmart workers in (insert location) to call for $15 and full time hours Black Friday 2015 #fastfor15 #walmartstrikers

Or you can join an anchor event below:

Please make sure to download and review the Event & Legal Instructions here.

Please download others event materials here.

Lastly, courts have enjoined non-Associate OUR Walmart agents from entering any Walmart property, except to shop, in Arkansas (read order), Florida (read order), Texas (read order), Colorado (read order), Ohio (read order), and Maryland (read order); and in California from entering inside stores (read order).