Samla namnunderskrifter på uppropet att utreda mer vägbyggen i Skåne som E22 projektet. Gather signatures to the petition to investigate more highway construction plans in Skåne such as the E22 project


Please  gather a larger number signatures on our Skåne petition challenging highway expansion in Skåne. The more names we have the more likely politicians will heed our call.

How do we do this? It is a very simple.

Overall approach:

--Join others already doing this. Or select a location where there there is good foot traffic, then set up a small table, post the above signs, and offer materials.  Try do this on a regular basis such as a Saturday or Sunday at a fixed time for 1 to 2 hours. Invite others to join you. Once done enter the signatures online on the right hand side under the persons name, or send to us below. We will gather anywhere in Skåne. It is up to you to help and bring people together to help, friends, neighbors, people you know. Our first goal is 2000 in the Lund area and 1000 in the rest of Skåne.

--Less demanding, download a paper copy of the petition and ask friends and neighbors to sign.

Materials for tabling:

--Upon request to, you can receive all the materials you need. The materials can be picked up close to the Lund train station. Materials are also downloadable here.

--Signs downloadable here are formatted in png format as the stop sign and the warning sign. You can also download in jpg format the stop sign and the warning sign. If you request them of us, they will come on A3 sheets. Then paste the signs on a harder background such as cardboard. Hang from your table. We will soon enlarge the signs to A2 size.

--Paper copies of the petition and flyers with qr code can be downloaded too!

Important tips when at a table:

--Approach people directly, do you want to sign our petition urging politicians

--Offer a flyer to anyone as you ask the question, then add the petition can be signed here.

--Answer honestly what you know or do not know. You do not have to be an expert.

--While the signer is completing the petition, make sure the email and cell phone are legible. And make sure to ask if the signer wants more information from FFF or wants to help on this project or FFF.

--Good background material is found here.

Simple talking points:

--Highway expansion is not in the public interest.

--High expansion leads to more traffic not less. It raises the noise level,  reduces the amount of arable land,  worsens the air, and raises CO2 amounts to deadlier levels.

--We need to invest wisely especially under budget constraints. Highway expansion is an unwise investment and wastes the taxpayers money.

--Above all, the planet needs to reduce CO2 levels by nearly 7 percent a year to fulfill the watered down goal of the Paris Agreement and we are hardly even close to doing that. Highway expansion pushes us further away from achieving the goal.

Your support:

--Your support is crucial. We need tables. We need volunteers willing to man the tables, to help on the dataside with information input, to write press releases, to help print materials.

--Above all we need you to help with gathering signatures. You can sign up here on the right with any of the times or add your own. Or you can sign up on the googleshare sheet here.

--Join our next Sunday E22 meeting, 18 April at 1700. Sign up here for the link.

Thank you for all you. Apologies that we write in English but many student supporters speak commonly English.

Investigate more the  E22 and other highway expansions in Skåne.

Here is part of the schedule.

b. MårtenstorgSaturdayApril 17Ella Kurki, Hampus1300 to 1500
Klostergårdens centrumSaturdayApril 17Ninni D.1300 to 1430
ClementorgSaturdayApril 17Rolf, Rebecca1200 to 1400
c. MårtenstorgSaturdayApril 24Anna Zou1200 to 1400

From phase 1, passing out flyers.

 Rolf, Peter, Ann-Charlotte, Marja, Ulla-Britt

Marja, Sima, Anna, Ninni, Lund, 24-2-21Left, Eslöv flyer team, March 2021, Marja, Ellen, Rolf

Right,                                                                                               Lund flyer team Sinna, Sima, Ninni, Marja, Feb. 2020


Left, Höör flyer team, March 2021, Marja, Madeleine, Ulla, Rolf                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Right, Ella from Lund                                                                                                 does the bicycles.    


Below is more information in Swedish and English.

Här har du viktiga länk. Here are important links.

Nästa E22 mötet. Next E22 meeting, April 18. Anmäl dig här. Sign up here:

Online Uppropet UtredMerE22-Online Petition investigate more the E22,

Papperskopia Uppropet UtredMerE22-Paper Copy Investigate more the E22,

Bakgrunds information-Background information.

Exact plans phase 1

more details:

More expansion, phase 2:

Lunds position on declaring a climate emergency:

Lunds klimatpolitiskarådet, report, 2020,

Pressmeddelanden-Press releases

No. 1, January 6, 2021

No. 2, January 21, 2021

Attachment to January 21, 2021 press release

Mer information-more information on no to widening.

Om du vill komma i kontakt  med i FFF skriv på på höger sidan. If you want to connect with FFF fill in the right hand side.

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