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Our mission is to empower citizens to advocate for progressive values through nonviolent political activism, community-building, and providing education focused on increasing civic literacy and building a stronger culture of participatory citizenship.



We advocate for progressive values through involvement in the political process. We work to ensure that our elected representatives on the local, state, and federal levels hear our voices and address our concerns. This will include face-to-face contact with elected officials at office visits and town hall meetings, phone and mail campaigns, participation in political rallies and marches, voter registration and voter turnout efforts, and more.


We believe progressive advocacy starts at home, in our local communities. Through our biweekly community meetings, online discussion forums, social events, and more, we strive to create a lasting community that is diverse, connected, and mutually supportive of each other’s needs and values.


We believe an educated citizenry is an engaged and responsible citizenry. We will disseminate information about progressive issues and concerns, and provide training and educational opportunities, with the ultimate goal of empowering citizens to become informed voters and effective advocates of change.


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