Stand Up Nashville

Nashville, TN

Stand Up Nashville is a coalition of community based organizations and labor unions that represent the working people of Nashville who have seen our city transformed by development, but have not shared in the benefits of that growth. We believe that development and growth are an opportunity to invest and strengthen our local communities.

Our Mission is to ensure that public investments in development are leveraged to create economic opportunities for all Nashvillians, pathways to quality, middle-class jobs, and affordable housing so that all communities may benefit from the growth of our city.

We believe that Nashville residents must be engaged in decisions about how our city develops. Millions of our taxpayer dollars dollars have been given to private developers, with no strings attached and without adequate public input. Stand Up Nashville will fight for increased accountability and oversight of our city council, boards, and commissions who are making decisions about how our tax dollars and city properties are used to fuel development. We need a new way of doing business in Nashville and a model of development that strengthens and invests in our communities.

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