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  • Instructions 10/09/2013 application/pdf

    Quick instructions on why and how you can participate on Black Friday 2013.

  • Step-by-step guide to planning an action - use this worksheet to make a plan! 11/20/2013 application/pdf

  • BF 2013 - Save the Date 10/03/2013 application/pdf

    Use this poster to have your friends/family, etc. remember to mark Black Friday (Friday, Nov. 29th) on their calendar.

  • Tips for a Successful Walmart Store Action - legal and best practices 11/08/2013 application/pdf

  • #WalmartStrikers Social Media Card-- share this with all of your participants so they know how to proudly Tweet/FB post and let us know what's happening! 11/27/2013 application/pdf

  • Turnout flyer for BF 10/04/2013 application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation

    All you have to do is type in the date, time and location on this flyer and use it to recruit others to your action.

  • Customer leaflet - ENGLISH 11/06/2013 application/pdf

    explains to customers why you're out there

  • Customer leaflet - SPANISH 11/13/2013 application/pdf

  • Customer leaflet - KREOLE 11/13/2013 application/pdf

  • Customer leaflet - TAGALOG 11/13/2013 application/pdf

  • Associate Leaflet _ENGLISH - pass these out to Walmart Associates 11/18/2013 application/pdf

  • Associate leaflet _SPANISH 11/18/2013 application/pdf

  • Worker Requested poster -- Snap a picture of yourself holding this sign if you're at a store where a worker requested an action! 11/22/2013 application/pdf

  • Chants - if you're into singing and chanting, this is a collection from across the country 10/10/2013 application/pdf

    Are you into singing and chanting? Check out these that have come in from activists from across the country. If you have some more to add, send them to support@changewalmart.org

  • Walmart Carols - for those of you who love the holidays and like to sing 11/22/2013 application/pdf

    Thanks for the activists who submitted these!

  • Visibility posters - Print and carry these so people understand why you're there. 11/07/2013 application/pdf

  • Black Friday Prayer Vigil 10/30/2013 application/pdf

    Includes the following: Prayer of Thanksgiving, This Little Light of Mine lyrics, Responsive Reading and more.

  • Litany of Confession and Commitment 10/30/2013 application/pdf


  • Letanía de Confesión y Compromiso 10/30/2013 application/pdf


  • Faith-based Letter to Walmart CEO Mike Duke 10/30/2013 application/pdf

    Follow up letter to Walmart from faith perspective and its responsibility to treat its associates better.

  • Community Letter to Walmart - deliver this to the store manager 11/01/2013 application/pdf

    Print a copy of this for each person in your group. Sign and deliver individually to the store manager, or print the second page and everyone can sign one letter.

  • Community letter to Walmart - Spanish 11/10/2013 inode/x-empty

    Entregue esta carta al gerente de la Walmart.

  • OW support stickers 11/01/2013 application/pdf

    You can print these on sticker sheets and wear them when you visit your store.