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  • Instructions 10/09/2013 application/pdf

    Quick instructions on why and how you can participate on Black Friday 2013.

  • Step-by-step guide to planning an action - use this worksheet to make a plan! 11/20/2013 application/pdf

  • BF 2013 - Save the Date 10/03/2013 application/pdf

    Use this poster to have your friends/family, etc. remember to mark Black Friday (Friday, Nov. 29th) on their calendar.

  • Tips for a Successful Walmart Store Action - legal and best practices 11/08/2013 application/pdf

  • #WalmartStrikers Social Media Card-- share this with all of your participants so they know how to proudly Tweet/FB post and let us know what's happening! 11/27/2013 application/pdf

  • Turnout flyer for BF 10/04/2013 application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.presentationml.presentation

    All you have to do is type in the date, time and location on this flyer and use it to recruit others to your action.

  • Customer leaflet - ENGLISH 11/06/2013 application/pdf

    explains to customers why you're out there

  • Customer leaflet - SPANISH 11/13/2013 application/pdf

  • Customer leaflet - KREOLE 11/13/2013 application/pdf

  • Customer leaflet - TAGALOG 11/13/2013 application/pdf

  • Associate Leaflet _ENGLISH - pass these out to Walmart Associates 11/18/2013 application/pdf

  • Associate leaflet _SPANISH 11/18/2013 application/pdf

  • Worker Requested poster -- Snap a picture of yourself holding this sign if you're at a store where a worker requested an action! 11/22/2013 application/pdf

  • Chants - if you're into singing and chanting, this is a collection from across the country 10/10/2013 application/pdf

    Are you into singing and chanting? Check out these that have come in from activists from across the country. If you have some more to add, send them to

  • Walmart Carols - for those of you who love the holidays and like to sing 11/22/2013 application/pdf

    Thanks for the activists who submitted these!

  • Visibility posters - Print and carry these so people understand why you're there. 11/07/2013 application/pdf

  • Black Friday Prayer Vigil 10/30/2013 application/pdf

    Includes the following: Prayer of Thanksgiving, This Little Light of Mine lyrics, Responsive Reading and more.

  • Litany of Confession and Commitment 10/30/2013 application/pdf


  • Letanía de Confesión y Compromiso 10/30/2013 application/pdf


  • Faith-based Letter to Walmart CEO Mike Duke 10/30/2013 application/pdf

    Follow up letter to Walmart from faith perspective and its responsibility to treat its associates better.

  • Community Letter to Walmart - deliver this to the store manager 11/01/2013 application/pdf

    Print a copy of this for each person in your group. Sign and deliver individually to the store manager, or print the second page and everyone can sign one letter.

  • Community letter to Walmart - Spanish 11/10/2013 inode/x-empty

    Entregue esta carta al gerente de la Walmart.

  • OW support stickers 11/01/2013 application/pdf

    You can print these on sticker sheets and wear them when you visit your store.